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Introducing —
The Jellyologist, 2.0


Our range of DIY products

Developing jelly flavours is fun. The range below is a combination of classics from the beginning of The Jellyologist and new flavours that we asked a bunch of friends to help us pick from a slightly longer list than this.

We hope you enjoy making and eating them as much as we did coming up with them!


Packham’s Pear —
with white chocolate

Less shouty than its cousin the apple, and more complex than its brother the nashi, Packham’s Pear brings a spot of juicy sophistication to the table. 

See recipes for Packham’s pear

Nan’s Pavlova —
with dried raspberries

Who could forget Nan’s Pav? The quintessential kiwi dessert in jelly form – topped with freeze dried raspberries, it’s almost as if you picked them yourself.

See recipes for Nan’s Pav


Chocolate Lamington —
with coconut

Coconut encrusted lamingtons have lined dessert tables up and down the country for generations, and now we’re rapt to deliver your favourite lamington flavour in a less spongy, more wobbly form… it tastes exactly like a chocolate lamington from the corner bakery.

See recipes for Chocolate Lamington

Apple and Elderflower —
with dried raspberry

Juicy apple and refreshing elderflower combine in this delectably delicate crisp combination. One of our favourite mixes to improvise with…

See recipes for Apple and Elderflower


Feijoa and Apple —
with dried apple

Made from NZ grown Feijoas you can close your eyes and you’d swear you’d just scooped a fresh one from the orchard floor. It may just be our national fruit, and finally it’s feijoa season all year round!

See recipes for Feijoa and Apple

Vanilla Chai —
with dark chocolate

Oh the creamy spicy delight that is Vanilla Chai will have you scooping for more. What could be a better accompaniment for the dark chocolate garnish?

See recipes for Vanilla Chai


The Jelly Kit —
become a Jellyologist

Includes 12 of our signature cone shaped moulds, two jelly mixes and garnishes and a full set of instructions — so you can create some of the architectural jellies we’ve become known for at home!