Naveya & Slone's Art of Hinting.


These Gem stone Jellies were inspired by Naveya & Slones gorgeous stones.  The ingredients in the jelly were rare, unusual or expensive and referenced the heritage of the gemstones. They aimed to highlight and reinforce characteristics of Naveya & Slone's latest playful campaign - 'The Art of Hinting'.

The Burmese Ruby
Inspired by the Burmese desert, Nan ka htaing, this is a Saffron infused blood orange jelly garnished with chia seed white chocolate.  

The Ceylonese Sapphire
Blueberry infused Ceylon tea from Shi Lanka garnished with blue edible flowers and freeze dried raspberries.  

The Champagne diamond (alcoholic)
Champagne, peach and vanilla set with 24k edible gold flakes, garnished with vanilla pods and edible flowers

The Canadian diamond
Maple pancakes garnished with candied bacon and maple syrup.  

The Komadu-Padparadscha Sapphire
 Inspired by the watermelon based drink found in Shri Lanka this watermelon gin jelly garnished with lime and